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Season 3 Generational Wealth: Faith, Beauty and Entrepreneurship

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Season 3 Generational Wealth: Faith, Beauty and Entrepreneurship

In this episode our guest Kawana Baldwin “Eyelash Keene” shared her perspectives on generational wealth and her journey.

In 2005, Kawana began her career with the Michigan Department of Corrections as a Parole Agent, then promoted to a Lead Agent, and later advanced to a Workforce Development Specialist. Kawana developed job opportunities and programming for an underserved and disadvantaged population. She bridged the gap in communication between MDOC, the business community, community organizations, and other local and state government agencies in the Metro Detroit Area and other regions of the state. In 2015, she encountered an opportunity to earn residual income by becoming a makeup consultant. Two years into selling makeup and growing her makeup business exponentially it reignited an interest she had in the beauty industry since the age of 12 years old. She grew her make-up business with 30+ women trailing her. It was at this moment she realized her natural gift and talent in the world of beauty was truly a spiritual journey of self-discovery, passion and purpose. In 2017, she enrolled in beauty school to study skincare with a focus on mastering the art of extending the natural hairs of women’s eyelashes, shaping and sculpting eyebrows, and removing unwanted body hairs. Since then, Kawana has fast-tracked her career in the beauty industry and today is professionally known as “The Eyelash Kween”. She is the Owner and Manager of “The Eyelash Kween, Skin, Brow, and Lash Studio” in Dearborn Heights, MI. She’s a Licensed Esthetician, a Master Lash & Brow Artist, a Professional & Permanent Makeup Artist, and a Licensed Instructor. She is also the owner of Eyelash Kween Supplies, an online retail business where she provides eyelash extension tools and supplies for other Lash Artists and provide 3-D Lash Strips and Magnetic Eyelashes for women whose natural eyelashes are not suitable for eyelash extensions. She started this business to help meet the needs of artists locally and globally with a focus on empowering both men and women to discover their true purpose in life and starting their own business. On July 9, 2021, with the support of her husband and daughter, Kawana stepped out on faith and resigned from her 16-and-a-half-year career with the State of Michigan to continue her spiritual journey walking in true passion and purpose.

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