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Making It Plain

Making It Plain is hosted by Dr. Key, a professor and expert in vulnerable populations, diversity & inclusion and leadership. This podcast is dedicated to discussing issues that influence black communities, black families and black women. Dr. Key utilizes her expertise to explore the most cutting edge topics with special guests.

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Season 4: Episode 1 Understanding Affirmative Action-History and Advocacy

We are back with historian, Dr. Marvin Chiles, Assistant Professor of History at Old Dominion University to discuss the recent race based admissions decision, affirmative action, history and next steps in advocating for a more inclusive United States.

The Impact of DEI Threats

This episode discuss the impact of the attacks on diversity, equity, and inclusion on minorities individuals and the workplace. Our guest is Dr. Brent Lewis former Associate Vice President of DEI at James Madison University. Dr. Lewis has extensive experience […]

Season 3 Episode 2: Using NFT Investment to Create Generational Wealth

In this episode Dr. Key interviews Dr. Edirmanasinghe about her recent journey investing in NFTs. Dr. Natalie Edirmanasinghe is a counselor educator and has an NFT side hustle. She previously was a school counselor for seven years, working mostly outside […]

Season 3 Generational Wealth: Faith, Beauty and Entrepreneurship

In this episode our guest Kawana Baldwin “Eyelash Keene” shared her perspectives on generational wealth and her journey. In 2005, Kawana began her career with the Michigan Department of Corrections as a Parole Agent, then promoted to a Lead Agent, […]

Season 2: Episode 18 Black Immigrant Experiences

Dr. Omotayo Banjo joins Dr. Key to discuss black immigrant experiences in the United States.  A child of Nigerian immigrants, Dr. Banjo is uniquely positioned to write, speak, and educate on topics related to social identity, and social perception, and […]

Season 2 Episode 17: Black Health

Dr. Lynnette Moore joined Making It Plain to discuss black health challenges in the light of a pandemic and racism. Dr. Lynnette Moore, M.D.,  a physician and wholistic health coach, is board certified in family, internal and obesity medicine.  She is passionate […]

Season 2 : Episode 16 Black Maternal Health

Dr. Lorie Johnson discusses black women maternal health and addresses issues of the increased rates in which women die during childbirth and fibroids. Dr Lorie Johnson is a Board Certified Ob/Gyn with more than 20 years of experience in her […]

Season 2 Episode 15: Black Fashion Trends

Denitra Townsend Gregory joins us from Detroit to discuss the art and style of black fashion. We journey through time to discuss trends created by black people. We explore current trends and how the pandemic has influenced fashion. Image consultant, […]

Season 2 Episode 14 Black Branding Throughout the Pandemic

In this episode, Sherron Washington, marketing expert discusses branding for professionals and entrepreneurs. She shares secrets to how black people have sustained and increased revenues through branding in the pandemic.

Episode 13:Financing Your Dream

Dr. Key interview’s Tarra Jackson AKA Madam Money. She is a personal financial expert, author and creator of Dualpreneur. In this episode she lends her financial expertise to tell the audience how to finance their dream. This episode is focused […]

Domestic Violence in Black Communities

29.1% of African American women experience victimization by a intimate partner. It is 35% higher than white females. In this episode of Making it Plain we discuss warning signs and challenges faced by black women with our guest Neisha Himes, […]

Episode 11 Myths, Mystery and Truths of Black History

Dr. Marvin Chiles, professor of African American History at Old Dominion University joins us for a discussion of the 1619 project. In this episode, Dr. Key shares her experience interviewing Nicole Hannah-Jones while exploring critical black history truths and myths.

Episode 10: Sisterhood

This episode of Making it Plain with Dr. Key is focused on Sisterhood. Dr. Tanjia Coleman, expert in organizational development and diversity and inclusion, joins the discussion to discuss ways in which she has fostered sisterhood in her networks and […]

Episode 9 Black Politics

Erica Savage Wilson, founder and host of Savage Politics join us to discuss politics and issues that influence black voters. As a regular on Roland Martin Unfiltered, she recently interviewed ICE CUBE and discusses her experience with him. In addition, […]

All Black Lives Matter: Understanding the Experiences and Challenges of LGBTQIA+ Individuals

In this episode we discuss the experiences LGBTQIA+ individuals to gain understanding of the culture and ways to better offer support. Our guesit is Gabrielle Davis. Gabrielle Davis is a respiratory therapist and counselor in Boise Idaho. Gabrielle’s current role is […]

Episode 7 : Black and Male in America

This episode explores recent protests, racism, police brutality and motherhood. My guest for this episode is Pastor Alvin Georges, Senior Site Pastor of The Mount Peninsula Church and Dr. Shadeiyah Edwards, psychology expert.

COVID 19 Impact on Career Women

Women are beginning to discuss their challenges as a result of COVID-19. This podcast covers the experiences of professional women with our guest Dr. Kaprea Johnson, Researcher, Associate Professor and Department Chair of Counseling.