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Making It Plain

Making It Plain is hosted by Dr. Key, a professor and expert in vulnerable populations, diversity & inclusion and leadership. This podcast is dedicated to discussing issues that influence black communities, black families and black women. Dr. Key utilizes her expertise to explore the most cutting edge topics with special guests.

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All Black Lives Matter: Understanding the Experiences and Challenges of LGBTQIA+ Individuals

In this episode we discuss the experiences LGBTQIA+ individuals to gain understanding of the culture and ways to better offer support. Our guesit is Gabrielle Davis. Gabrielle Davis is a respiratory therapist and counselor in Boise Idaho. Gabrielle’s current role is […]

Episode 7 : Black and Male in America

This episode explores recent protests, racism, police brutality and motherhood. My guest for this episode is Pastor Alvin Georges, Senior Site Pastor of The Mount Peninsula Church and Dr. Shadeiyah Edwards, psychology expert.

COVID 19 Impact on Career Women

Women are beginning to discuss their challenges as a result of COVID-19. This podcast covers the experiences of professional women with our guest Dr. Kaprea Johnson, Researcher, Associate Professor and Department Chair of Counseling.