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Exactly What I Needed to Hear

"This was very much on-time for me, and is exactly what I needed to hear at this time. You have given me a lot to think about and reflect on."

Rochelle S.

Great Things to Know

"At first, I used to think that I didn’t need to focus on navigating leadership within a career because I am just not there yet but I am finishing my second year in my doctoral program and I am seeing that it’s never too early to start building these schools. Even now I am being strategic about the tasks I take on and how can I make it work for me. This is a very crucial lesson to learn because even with graduate students we can easily get sucked into doing grunt work and overstressing ourselves feeling the need to prove ourselves. I am starting to understand exactly how important self-care is and it should be at the top of the list. These are great things to know and I plan to utilize what I learned."

Tiera W.

Actionable Strategies

"Thank you for sharing your insights and actionable strategies. This was a great motivation and reflection and thoughtful action planning!"

Danielle W.

Great Advice

"It was really helpful to think about career ownership and both the systemic and internal barriers. Great advice that I will take with me and into my work."

Linda H.

Shedding Light on Barriers

"Thank you Dr.Key for acknowledging the barriers that we face at the intersection of gender and race that extend beyond with ability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status etc. Especially you shedding light on barriers that are not external/indirectly external and how they affect us internally and our success. I definitely need to keep the questions in mind during the rough ties in the future in my career and rise beyond the negativity and take ownership of myself and my career just as the legacy of strong women of color who raised me, supported/support me, and I need to pass that on to the next generation."

Monet S.

Reminder of Self-Care

"Thank you for this reminder of self-care, which often finds itself on the back-burner for me. I also appreciate your mention of the fact that the imposter syndrome must be addressed. I think the time we spend feeding ourselves negative narratives, we could just as easily repeat positive mantras or self-affirmations as you mentioned. Lastly, I do recognize my need to take more risks. So, this was all very helpful to hear!"

Alexanderia S.

Candor & Forthrightness

"Thank you for your candor and forthrightness! I appreciated hearing about leadership in this way, as we are too often given vague and generalized info."

Andrea H.

Practical Advice

"Thank you for all your practical advice, especially around the imposter syndrome, which I through was my own internal dialogue. I had no idea it was a common personal barrier for other women of color. Now that I recognize it as false, I will remind myself of that fact to prevent self-sabotage in work environments."

Erica D.