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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Dr. Sparkman-Key is a sought-after speaker and has given national and international talks on diversity, cultural competence, equity and inclusion. Dr. Sparkman-Key has experience training organizations on unconscious bias, workplace civility, culturally competent leadership and recognizing bullying. She customizes her diversity, equity and inclusion trainings to meet the needs of the organizations she serves.

Business Consulting

Dr. Sparkman-Key is skilled in program development and has created programs to attract diverse faculty. She has numerous initiatives rooted in anti-racist practices, with focus on creating more inclusive environments for all. She uses institutional data, policies, and practices to determine gaps and create targeted programs. She co-founded a university diversity center and lab. She utilizes programs to have open discussion about some of the most difficult topics in order to promote inclusion. She provides consulting services to help organizations develop initiatives and build more inclusive environments through the creation of targeted programs.

Leadership Development

Dr. Sparkman-Key is skilled in leadership development. She customizes workshops and programs focused on mentoring, sponsorship, building women leaders. She has also created programs focused on authentic leadership and culturally competent leadership. Dr. Sparkman-Key hosts an annual woman in higher ed leadership summer institute to promote women leaders. She is aa advocate of career ownership. She has written opinion pieces, given talks on public news radio promoting the need for companies to foster environments that promote women leadership.

Workshop List

Here a few of the topics covered by Sparkman-Key Consulting LLC.:

  • Workplace Bullying
  • Microaggressions
  • Career Ownership
  • Cultivating Women Leaders
  • Culturally Competent Leadership
  • Anti-Racism
  • Advocacy
  • Creative Interventions in Mental Health
  • Trauma-Informed Pedagogy and Clinical Practice
  • Destigmatizing Suicide
  • Understanding Sexuality
  • Relationship Development
  • Understanding Affectional and Gender-Expansive Identities
  • Implicit Bias


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