Live your truth is a vision of Dr. Key's that focuses on developing a non-profit grounded in self-love and acceptance.  Here dream is to have a 5013C that will focus on empowerment and giving a voice to the voiceless. The missiong of "Live Your Truth" is to provide education, empowerment and support to pregnate and nursing teens around the world. The organization will provide education on parenting to develop skills, empower through self esteem building workshops and support through maternal and child health education and resources. "Live Your Truth" non profit will launch in 2020.

Dr. Key has a number of passions. She plays a important role in advocating for vulnerable populations. However, her personal experiences and challenges have led her to advocating for things that impact women. Women's empowerment is her passion. Currently, her focus is on cancer awareness, teen motherhood and homeless women. Dr. Key annually raises funds to benefit organizations and support efforts to help such vulnerable populations.